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03.07.2015 | Dual Tech "Fireplace EP"

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Dual Tech, the union of two artists creating a sound Techno / Tech House real impact percussion sounds and well-defined large spaces and pauses music make this ep, a real bomb for the dancefloor also contains remixes from Dj Lowell & Gianni Cuomo.

02.07.2015 | Radio Complex "Cheese Cake"

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01.07.2015 | Bruno Furlan "That Book"

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Give a warm welcome to Dirtybird artist and first non-european producer on Gold Records: Bruno Furlan from Sao Paolo. Once labelowner Rainer Weichhold received these demos he was immediately convinced that there's something special in them.

26.06.2015 | Fabio Spzz "One Two Tek"

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26.06.2015 | Leach & Lezizmo "Very Different"

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ENLeach & Lezizmo return to the nightclub with "Very Different", the uplifting new single for Karmaloft Music. The Belgian DJ and production duo have been making strides with top releases for the likes of Conya and Emerald & Doreen ...

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