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// forthcoming events & releases

23.05.2015 | Flashers & Cat Black "Brainwash"

shareCover / Teaser (Flashers & Cat Black "Brainwash")

First release for Flashers & Cat Black with a cool remix from Ramon Bedoya.

05.06.2015 | Carlos Magno & Rotoloop "Symbio E.P."

shareCover / Teaser (Carlos Magno & Rotoloop "Symbio")

Symbio is an E.P. full of different interactions between the groovy of Carlos Magno's Tech-House and the forcefulness of Rotoloop's Techno. In the same way than Bryoliths, unattached subspherical bryozoan masses which are a symbiosis between ...

05.06.2015 | Christos Fourkis "Live Before I Leave"

shareCover / Teaser (Christos Fourkis "Live Before I Leave")

Karmaloft Music is pleased to present the muchly anticipated release of the single Live Before I Leave by Greece top DJ Christos Fourkis. It's once again a masterpiece of finest chilled deep house combined with a really catchy guitar melody and vocal line.

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