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06.10.2014 | Cole Jonson & Nicola Baldacci "Deep Inside"

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teilenCover / Teaser (Cole Jonson & Nicola Baldacci "Deep Inside")

Brand new groovy track for Nicola Baldacci this time built up with Cole Jonson, once again on Phunk Traxx. Not to be outdone, this brand new track has a powerful punch, awesome vocal, and a bassline ready for dance floors all around the world.

18.09.2014 | B.W.D. "Distress Signal EP"

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teilenCover / Teaser (B.W.D. "Distress Signal EP")

Great combination of sounds and grooves, heavy and rhythmic sound spaces, very best techno ep.

11.09.2014 | Bryan Chapman "Shift Two EP"

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teilenPlay Video | Source: YouTube

Bouq. is proud to announce a great new addition to the artist roster with british dj / producer Bryan Chapman who delivered a fantastic 4-tracker in his unique driving techy vibe.

11.09.2014 | Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone "The Outlaw"

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teilenCover / Teaser (Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone "The Outlaw")

08.09.2014 | Richard V "Reach The Clover EP"

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teilenCover / Teaser (Richard V "Reach The Clover EP")

Big creating sound spaces and great grooves alternating with crazy feelings.

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