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29.01.2015 | Butch & Hohberg "Thai Cubensis"

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teilenOtherside Music_2014_-_OS002_Butch_and_Hohberg_-_Thai_Cubensis

Second release on Otherside Records. Butch and Sebastian Hohberg have created a new record label for you to fly to. Free of conventional air travel, this is for a soaring heart and a flying mind, it is the other way of flying, ...

22.01.2015 | Martin Eyerer "Struktur Pt. 1"

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teilenCover / Teaser (Martin Eyerer "Struktur Pt. 1")

Kling Klong founder Martin Eyerer just finished his third longplayer and is proud to present the first three appetizers from 'Struktur'.

15.01.2015 | Santos "This La"

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teilenVideo (Santos "This La")

What a great and fresh re-start for Santos. More productive and creative than ever, the Italian mastermind returns with his trademark grooves and wicked vibes for his debut EP on bouq.

08.01.2015 | Alex Aphex "Unreal Shadow"

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teilenCover / Teaser (Alex Aphex "Unreal Shadow")

08.01.2015 | David Phillips "Doogiehouser"

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teilenGold Records_-_2015_-_GOLD012_-_David_Phillips_-_Doogiehouser

It's been some months since the last Gold release but only David Phillips' two bangers 'Doogiehouser' and 'Daaance Daance' had the golden touch to deserve the expensive metal.

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