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21.08.2014 | Butch & Hohberg "Rebirth"

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teilenCover / Teaser (Butch & Hohberg "Rebirth" :: ©2014 Otherside Music (LC 34668))

Butch and Sebastian Hohberg have created a new record label for you to fly to. Free of conventional air travel, this is for a soaring heart and a flying mind, it is the other way of flying, the type which is different and unique in its effect it has on you.

14.08.2014 | Wollion & Harada "Thinking And Doing Less"

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teilenCover / Teaser (Wollion & Harada "Thinking And Doing Less")

Once again we are very proud to present new artists on Kling Klong. This time our A&Rs Martin Eyerer & Rainer Weichhold were overwhelmed by the sheer power and sound quality of the 2 originals so they couldn't resist to sign these 2 buddies Wollion & Harada from Cologne. Being longtime fans from Moda Black Records we are very happy to have the labelowners Jaymo & Andy George on board with their fantastic rework of 'Thinking Less'.

11.08.2014 | AuDio KoDe "Chess Variant EP"

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teilenCover / Teaser (AuDio KoDe "Chess Variant EP")

Great groove and Percussion powerful It combines style and great sound.

07.08.2014 | Monika Kruse "Summer Drops"

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teilenCover / Teaser (Monika Kruse "Summer Drops")

Monika Kruse enjoys a very productive year so far with releases in collaboration with Gregor Tresher (as GTMK) and Pig&Dan but now it's time for her first solo single in 2014.

06.08.2014 | Roger Cadiz "Perlomeno Vol. 2"

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teilenCvover / Teaser (Roger Cadiz "Perlomeno Vol. 2")

Good day ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to gain some different experience, something fresh, interesting and new! It has been 5 years since the birth of this minimal tech-house project that we love and care for, but here at Menomale we have always been passionate about good music, as we imagine you are too, therefore we believe that the time has come for a new project.

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